External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation or EWI for short is a thermally insulated material that is fixed to the outside walls of a building, then covered in a special type of render or brick slip. Different properties will need a different thickness and type of insulation so it meets the required R value.

EWI has many benefits:

  • It will reduce heat loss through your walls.
  • Reduce heating bill costs.
  • It’s more energy efficient.
  • Will prevent mould and damp issues.
  • Reduces condensation.
  • Does not reduce the living space in the property.
  • Sound resistant.
  • Improving appearance of the building.

While the insulation has many benefits in the statistics of a property, what you choose to cover the insulation in will be the main visual difference.

The Finishes you can choose:

  • Textured render
  • Brickslip
  • Pebble dash
  • Brick effect render

Wells and Munday Builders are Weatherby approved installers and we carry out EWI jobs in and around Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

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